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Handling Fee


Ring Side Fee



The handling fee includes preparation of the dog to be shown. The ring side pickup handling fee does not include our preparation, and will not be billed. This means the dog  shall arrive ready to be exhibited, and all transactions take place before the show weekend ends.


Specialty, Benched, and Invitation show rates are available upon request.


Best In Show


Reserve Best In Show


Best in Specialty


Group 1 / Group  2 / Group 3 / Group 4

$125.00     $100.00      $80.00     $65.00


All fees subject to change without notice. Please confirm with Robin or Laura in advance.


Expenses per trip will be divided among the dogs being shown. Ring side pickups are included by the higher rate.


The "condition" of a show dog refers to the physical attributes of the dog (weight, muscle tone, coat quality). The ability to condition a dog is arguably this most important virtue of a professional handler. This can make or break your dog’s show career.

Conditioning Fee


Billed in quarter hour increments


We feed and recommend Pro Plan. We will, however, feed another diet to keep your dog on routine for an additional fee per day.


Because a raw food diet is very difficult to maintain on a show circuit,  we may need food overnight shipped to us regularly. We will try our very best to accommodate your dog.

Dogs not currently being shown (or conditioned to be shown) by Daybreak Kennel, will be charged $20.00/day board.

Small            $15.00/day

Medium       $16.00/day

Large            $17.00/day

Extra Large  $18.00/day

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